Roger Boucher

Hypnosis, Magic, or a bit of both!

Meet Roger

Roger Boucher loves to entertain. Introduced to the art of magic while attending university, Roger became instantly hooked and embarked upon a career as an entertainer (needless to say his parents were thrilled!). 16 years later, as a full time entertainer Roger gets to do what he loves and always brings a big contagious smile to the stage – most recently as the emcee and host of RiseUP TV.

Offering magic and hypnosis shows for any age group and all types of events, Roger takes pride in engaging every audience member. From the moment he steps into the spotlight until the conclusion of his last stunning effect, he has them completely involved, laughing and gasping in amazement.

Roger Quick Facts

  •  Roger’s show is always professional, clean, classy, and funny.

  • Choose a hypnosis show, magic show, or a show that combines both.

  • His show is very interactive and gets the entire audience involved.

  • Roger is easy-going and easy to work with. He will do all he can to make your event a success!

  • He is respectful to his volunteers and never embarrasses them.

  • Roger empowers his hypnotic volunteers to make them the stars of the show, and gives them some powerful and positive suggestions at the end of the show that they will enjoy the rest of their lives!

  • Warning – watching Roger’s may result in your face and stomach hurting from excessive laughter, he may cause your brain to hurt wondering how he does what he does. Experience at your own risk!

Download a PDF to take to your committee:

Corporate Events — staff parties, conferences, client appreciations

Community Events — public events, fundraisers, ladies nights, family events

Summer Events — fairs, festivals, outdoor events

Magician, hypnotist, and all-around entertainer Roger Boucher has been delighting audiences across Canada for nearly two decades. His unique mix of mind-blowing magic, hilarious hypnosis, wit, and charm draws the audience in and keeps them captivated until the end of the show.

More About Roger

Roger Boucher has developed a hilarious and mind-bending show that can feature magic or hypnosis or a combination of both for a delightful, thrilling ride. Your face will hurt from laughing, your mind will spin with disbelief, and people will be talking about it for months to come! From unbelievable card effects to bringing volunteers’ imagination alive on stage, Roger offers something for everyone. His show is highly interactive, clean and always hilarious, making it a great addition to any corporate event, community celebration, or function of any size.

Show Options

All of Roger’s shows include lots of crowd participation, laughs, and fun interaction. His charismatic blend of wit and charm plus his passion for entertaining all help him win over any crowd, and he can make your event the best it’s ever been.

Solo magic show: 45-60 minutes

Duo magic show: This is a slightly larger show featuring some two-person acts and finishing off with a large-scale illusion. 45-60 minutes

Hypnosis: Choose a 60 minute or 90 minute show

Combo Show: Get the best of both worlds by combining a magic and a hypnosis show. Choose 90 minutes or 120 minutes total, with a short intermission between the two shows.


  • Roger’s fee range is $2000 – $3500 + GST depending on length of show and number of sets.
  • Travel and accommodations may be extra where applicable, contact us for details.
  • If the fee falls outside your budget, please call us to discuss this. Depending on a few factors (including the day of the week, the nature of your event, and how it fits with the artist’s touring schedule) we can occasionally negotiate a reduced fee.
  • We also offer a variety of other artists whose entertainment styles and fees may be a better fit for your event. We invite you to call us to discuss your event so that we can help you provide an unforgettable experience for your guests.

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Toll Free:

“He was amazing! Not only did he leave us in awe with his magic, but his sense of humor left many in tears. I can’t wait to watch his show again. I highly recommend Roger for any private or corporate event.”
Renee Reid – North West Regional College

“I hadn’t seen you before and wasn’t sure what to expect, and you didn’t disappoint in any way – I love magic and loved your show! We had a lot of “thank you’s” and many other positive comments from audience members. Hope you will come back again sometime!”

Cora-Lee Cyr – Affinity Credit Union

“We hired Mr. Roger Boucher to perform in our VIP Lounge. He was easy to work with, on time, and his show was funny and clean. The audience and my staff laughed hard throughout the show. We will definitely bring him back in the future! I would strongly recommend Roger to anyone looking for an amazing show.”

Maureen Mannix – General Manager, Ramada Hotels

“Funny, engaging and a great show for all ages were just a few of the comments we received. I look forward to booking Roger in the future, whether it be for business meetings or all-ages events.”
Reg Fontaine – Broadway Investments, A& W restaurants

“This is our second time hosting Watching Eye Magic, and it was just as great as the first!  The rapport that Roger has with the children in phenomenal – they LOVE him!  The giggles, huge eyes and “how’d he do that?” from the crowd made this show a success and worthwhile fundraiser.”
Tammy Sloan – Village of Tompkins, SK

“I wish all entertainers were as easy to work with as you were – I would gladly recommend you to any other groups looking for a magic act. Thank you!”

Jim Letawsky – Vermillion Ag Society