Gianetta Baril

Classical Harpist

Meet Gianetta

Gianetta Baril is a Juno Award-winning classical harpist who has had a distinguished solo career for over 30 years. She has concertized all over the globe including, Germany, France, England, Poland, and the Czech Republic, and consistently received glowing praise for her charming presence, dramatic artistry, and spectacular technique. Career highlights include concerts behind the Iron Curtain, performing as Canada’s representative to the World Harp Congresses in Vienna and Paris, and as a soloist for the Queen, Prince Charles, and the late Lady Diana. Since returning to Canada, she has performed a wide variety of solo and chamber music recitals throughout Western Canada.

Gianetta’s Quick Facts

  • Gianetta’s beautiful harp playing is a great way to add a sophisticated ambiance to any event.
  • Can provide elegant background music or a stage performance, or both.
  • Background harp music is perfect for trade shows/conferences, cocktail hours, or sit down dinners.
  • Stage shows feature a variety of music including pop songs not often performed by a harpist (ie Stairway to Heaven).
  • Her shows also include witty banter and intriguing stories from her extensive travels around the world. 
  • She offers solo programmes, as well as ensembles such as The Looking Glass Duo (harp and flute) and Heavenly Metal (harp and brass quintet). 

Classical Harpist Ginaetta Baril has been playing professionally around the world for over three decades. Her spectacular technique and profound musicianship have earned her numerous accolades, including a Juno award in 2008. Gianetta’s incredible playing and intriguing stories from her extensive travels around the world captivate audiences of all kinds. 

More About Gianetta

A passionate teacher, Gianetta maintains an active studio at the Mount Royal University Conservatory, was Chairman of the Focus on Youth section of the World Harp Congress held in 2011 and is co-founder of the Canadian International Summer Harp Institute in Vancouver. Her dedication and keenness to share her love of the harp has led to an invitation to perform and teach for the “Social Action Through Music” project in Rio de Janiero. This exceptional programme offers underprivileged children from the favelas a new life of possibilities through the gift of music lessons and involvement in an orchestra. In preparation for this exciting opportunity, Gianetta is now eagerly studying Brazilian Portuguese!

Performance Options

In addition to providing elegant background music for events, Gianetta can also perform concerts and stage shows. With her wide range of repertoire, Miss Baril offers beautiful, exciting and varied programmes, either as a soloist or as part of a chamber ensemble, specifically chosen for any concert situation. She performs regularly as a member of the Looking Glass Duo with flutist, Lucie Jones and other programmes have included: “Heavenly Metal” for Harp and Brass Quintet, “Faerie Fantasy” for Harp and String Quartet, “Labyrinth” for two harps and “Wayfaring” which includes repertoire with Tenor saxophone, flute, harp duo, and solo Tenor voice.


Gianetta’s fee range is $750 – $3500 + GST depending on scope, length of performances, and number of sets.

  • Travel and accommodations may be extra where applicable, contact us for details.
  • If the fee falls outside your budget, please call us to discuss this. Depending on a few factors (including the day of the week, the nature of your event, and how it fits with the artist’s touring schedule) we can occasionally negotiate a reduced fee.
  • We also offer a variety of other artists whose entertainment styles and fees may be a better fit for your event. We invite you to call us to discuss your event so that we can help you provide an unforgettable experience for your guests.

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“Gianetta’s playing, its elegance, precision, coloured passion as well as the refined intimacy which it imposes, is a gift for the ears.”

French magazine ‘Repertoire des Disques Compactes’

 “It is always a privilege to listen to Ms. Baril’s exquisite talent on the harp, but this experience reaches new heights when such an exceptional artist is able to link Music and social work together.”

Marcelo Penido – Professor, UFMG, Brazil

“Brilliant virtuosity and profound expressiveness roused the audience to prolonged applause.”

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

“Gianetta’s playing, its elegance, precision, coloured passion as well as the refined intimacy which it imposes, is a gift for the ears.”

French magazine ‘Repertoire des Disques Compactes’